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As an Innovation Strategist, Diane has facilitated 300+ workshops with leaders across all business functions to create award winning content that inspires individuals and teams to take their creativity to the next level.

“Incorporating innovation and design thinking can change the way you develop and deliver winning ideas that alter your company culture, improve results and transform the way you do business.”

Diane is on a mission to unlock Insights, Inspiration and Ideas for companies large and small across the globe. As an Innovation Strategist, she leads and facilitates workshops with leaders across business functions to create award winning content that inspires team to take their business to the next level.

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In her highly acclaimed strategy sessions, participants can expect to be engaged in a rich process collaborative process to co-create innovative strategies, transform teams, build dynamic work-flows and deliver the ultimate business model. She listens, coaches and understands the complexity of group dynamics to ensure successful outcomes for events, offsites, conferences, meetings and webinars. In a short period of time she can take a team from blue sky thinking to concrete action.

Diane’s enthusiasm for her work is contagious. Accomplishing more in a year than most people do in a lifetime, her energy captivates individuals and groups around the world. Her keen ability to listen, see patterns, assimilate quickly to new information, ask the right questions and above all speak the truth leads to her to continuously be invited to be a part of many executive leadership circles and masterminds.

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